Value Added Services

Our value added content and web services will help you to have an immediate presence on the internet, without the need to support or develop your own direct connection.

The Company Storefront - NetStoresTM
The World Wide Web provides a unique platform for promoting your company and its products, as well as supporting your customers. NetStoresTM is a convenient new service that individuals and organizations can use to establish a World Wide Web (WWW) site without having to purchase and support expensive server equipment. Subscribers that seperate their Web service from their corporate LAN with NetStore gain all the advantages of the global reach of the Internet and the Web. They provide customers with high-speed access to their home page and Company Storefront on the Web without clogging their own Internet link or having to purchase their own high-speed access.

NetStoresTM Secure
Secure transactions on the Web are provided as an additional service. A secure system for selling your product via your NetStore. Customers will be able to visit your Storefront and purchase products directly. Our service will provide secure transactions for you to sell directly to your customer through the Internet. A customer will place their order directly via the Web and you will receive the order by secure e-mail or fax. All you need to do is ship them the product. A credit card billing system is available to provide you with immediate payment for the products.

Web Publishing/Content Creation
The World Wide Web home pages include text, graphics, sound and video. Through this unique media, businesses typically provide information on the organization's history, product line and services offered, product applications, customer service/support and reference information for your customers. Our experienced designers and authors will provide your business with your unique electronic storefront, complete with your logos, pictures of products, and the services that you offer. Our web designers will provide all the work necessary for giving your business the presence and information your customers need.

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