Setting up Outlook Express

NOTE: The following instructions will teach you how to set up, NOT USE, Outlook Express.
If you would like to learn how to use Outlook Express, there is an abundance of information under the help menu item.

  1. Open Outlook Express.

  2. If this is your first time running Outlook Express, the Outlook Express setup wizard will pop up.

  3. If this is not your first time running Outlook Express, you need to click on Tools and then Accounts. This will open a new window. Make sure that the Mail Tab is the tab that is clicked (Tabs are at the top of the new window). Click on Add, then Mail. This will take you to the Internet Connection Wizard.

  4. Type in your name in the space provided, then click Next.

  5. Type in your email address in the space provided, then click Next .

  6. The next screen will be "Email Server Names". In the pull-down menu on that screen, make sure that Pop3 is selected. Type in both fields that are below. Click Next.

  7. The next screen will be "Friendly Name". This can be anything you want to name it. It will be the grouping of settings for you. Type a name in, then click Next.

  8. A "Choose Connection Type" screen will appear. There will be 3 choices. One of them should be Connect using phone line. Choose that by clicking on it and click next.

  9. At the next screen, select Use an existing dial-up connection and click on If you do not have a option, you will need to create one. Go back a page and pick the tutorial you need to set it up.

  10. Congratulations! Click on finish and you will have set up an Outlook Express mail account.

  11. There is one last thing you need to do in order to set up this mail account. On the window that you will see after clicking finish, there should be a mail account with the "Friendly Name" that you entered earlier. Select this mail account by clicking on it once. It should become hi-lighted. Below the "ADD" button and a few other buttons, there should be a button that says Set as Default. Click on this button and it will set your new mail account to be the default one to check.

  12. You are done! To check your email click on the Send and Receive.
    If you need more help using Outlook Express, please consult the help menu of Outlook Express, not us.