Technical Support for Windows '95 TCP/IP Dialup Configuration.

  1. Double click the My Computer Icon, and check for the dialup networking icon. If you don't have a dialup networking icon, then dialup networking needs to be installed:

  2. Double click the dialup networking icon, if running for the first time, you will be taken to the dialup networking setup wizard, if it isn't the first time you've run dialup networking, double click the new connection icon. The dialup networking setup wizard, will look like the following image:

    You can also see a screen shot.

  3. Name the new connection, and press the next button.

  4. The phone number is (541)345-1129

  5. Press the finish button, and the new connection will be created. Now you need to configure the connection that you just created.

  6. Select the icon and go to the File menu and select Properties. A window similar to the following image will appear:

    You can also see a screen shot.

  7. Press the Server types tab at the top of the active dialog box. The server types window should be filled in with the following settings:

    You can also see a screen shot.

  8. Make sure that the connection type is PPP: Win 95, Win NT 3.5, Internet.

  9. Under advanced options, none of the three boxes should have a check in them, if they do, remove the checks.

  10. Under allowed network protocols, TCP/IP should be the only protocol checked. If the others are checked, uncheck them.

  11. Press the TCP/IP settings option, and make sure that Server assigned IP address is selected. In the next section, click on Specify Name Server Addresses and enter this number into the Primary DNS section:
    Enter this number into the Secondary DNS section:
    Leave the Primary WINS and Secondary WINS blank, and verify that the check boxes at the bottom ARE checked. When the window is filled in just as the image below, click OK.

    You can also see a screen shot.

  12. Now, before you can start your internet connection by double clicking the Dialup Network Icon that you've just created and configured, one more piece needs to be configured. You will need to configure your network control panel to make the mi dialup session compatible with Fishbone's network services.

  13. Start by closing the dialup networking window. Then from My Computer choose Control Panel followed by network. This will open a window that you will need to make look just like the following image:

    You can also see a screen shot.

  14. First we need to check for a dialup adapter. If you do not have one listed under the installed network components, one needs to be added. To do this, follow the below steps.

  15. Next, you will need to have the TCP/IP network protocol loaded, this will show up under the dialup adapter. If the TCP/IP protocol isn't installed, follow the steps below to add it.

  16. Select the TCP/IP protocol by highlighting it, and press the properties button, opening a window similar to the following:

    You can also see a screen shot.

  17. Press the DNS Configuration tab and make sure that DNS is Disabled.

  18. Press the IP Address tab, and select to obtain IP automatically.

  19. Press the WINS Configuration tab and make sure that WINS Resolution is Disabled.

  20. We are now finished configuring the TCP/IP protocol, press the OK button.

  21. Click Ok and OK again. You will be told to restart your computer. At this point do so to implement the recent changes.

  22. To start your dial up session with Fishbone, Choose My computer, and Dialup Networking, Double click Enter your login ID and password, press the connect button.

    You can also see a screen shot.

  23. When the session is connected, you will be able to run any Internet programs that your computer supports.

If, after following all of these instructions exactly, you are unable to connect, please call 345-4322 for assistance.