Considering doing Business on the Internet?

Adrift on the Internet

There's lots of excitement about the Internet. But is it practical for business or merely a novelty? Can this unchartered sea expand your business? You bet it can. It can open up new markets you wouldn't be able to reach any other way. And it may be the most cost effective sales and customer support tool you've ever had.

Marketing on the Internet..

We Hook You Up

Access and Connectivity-We provide you with high speed digital access to the Internet through our network. And we'll manage you connection so you get the best possible return. Our private network doesn't have the same traffic problems as some of the corporate networks. We take care of..

We Bait the Hook

Web Publishing - We program your information to be electronically interactive and suitable for publishing on the "World Wide Web." Our team of designers and writers create you unique electronic "storefront" display which may include text, graphics, sound, and/or video.

We Provide the "Storefront"

NetStores - You can establish your own World Wide Web site in our NetStore without having to purchase and support expensive serve equipment. We provide you with the storefront to display your product or service on our web server. Customers can then browse your storefront and purchase products directly.

We Navigate Rough Waters

We won't abandon you when the seas get rough. Our network and software engineers solve system configuration problems and configure network integration solutions that keep businesses on-line. They integrate Novell; and other LANs with the internet and provide assistance with...

Not Just Another Fish Story

We provide everything you need to do business on the Internet--from the hook-up to the electronic graphics to the "Storefront" to troubleshooting. Fishbone Communications provides a full range of services necessary to do business on the Internet. We are dedicated to quality service that yields bottom-line results for our customers. We help you create a dynamic presence on the Internet without the need to support or develop your own direct connection, "web site," or "web" programming expertise.

Don't Work Without the Net

Marketing your business on the Internet makes sense. It's cost effective, immediate, and it puts your business at the forefront of information technology. So what are you waiting for? There are customers who would buy your product right now if they could find you on the Internet. Let us help you reel them in!

Fishbone Communications

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