High Speed, Dedicated, Reliable Access

Fishbone Communications will take care of your businesses connectivity needs, ordering your line, installation, monitoring your connection, and working directly with the telephone company to ensure that your connection remains up and running. Fishbone Communications will register your domain name with the NIC (Network Information Center), provide you with the necessary IP addresses, and pre-configure your router and CSU/DSU for your connection.


Speed 28k Dialup PPP Account 28k Dedicated Line 56k Frame Relay 128k Frame Relay 256k Frame Relay 512k Frame Relay T1 Frame Relay
Monthly $20 $100 $400 $700 $900 $1200 $1500
Installation $15 $200 $500 $1500 $1500 $1500 $1000

Pricing does not include local telephone company line charges. All connections include a full news feed and secondary DNS service.

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